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A divorce professional to consider adding to the team

Preparing to move from married to single? There may be a divorce professional who could make a world of difference to the bottom line of the divorce process. Known as a certified divorce financial analyst, or CDFA, this is an individual who is highly trained in the area of divorce finance who can help spouses make the best possible decisions during the course of their Arizona divorce.

Debt should be addressed at beginning of family law process

For couples who are preparing to end their marriage and want to make the process easier and less stressful, there are a number of available options. One of the most powerful ways to simplify an Arizona family law matter is to work through many of the financial aspects of that process as early as possible, even before filing for divorce. Addressing debt is a great place to begin, especially with couples who agree on many of the key components of their financial standing.

The impact on divorce for women over the age of 50

Ending a marriage will result in changes to each spouse's financial standing. The simple fact is that it takes more money to run two separate households than it does to run one. When assets are divided during divorce, both spouses walk away with less than they came into the process with. That can be especially devastating to women in Arizona over the age of 50.

Family law judge bans child from golf tournaments

An unusual child custody case has made headlines in Arizona and across the nation. After more than seven years of contention over child custody, a set of parents recently stood before a family law judge. The outcome of that hearing was not only disappointing to one parent, but could also have a lasting negative impact on the child.

Balancing cooperation and confrontation during divorce

Collaboration is a recent trend among divorcing couples, and there are many celebrity examples that make the process of working together to end a marriage seem like a simple and easy process. Desiring a less contentious and more "friendly" divorce is understandable, but Arizona spouses must keep in mind the positions that divorce creates. Both sides will have distinct goals when it comes to matters of child custody, property division and so on. Those goals are unlikely to be identical, which means that there is a risk that the settlement will be unbalanced.

Collaborative divorce can be a vialbe alternative to litigation

Arizona couples who are considering going their separate ways may be researching the available options. Many couples prefer to make the important decisions that will impact on their post-divorce lives, rather than have judges make them on their behalves. Collaborative divorce may be a suitable option for couples who can still communicate and are willing to compromise if necessary.

Sometimes divorce is a matter of life or death

Once a marriage has ceased to be personally fulfilling, many people will consider whether their interests might be better served by being single. Others will move toward divorce after their spouse breaches their tolerance by cheating. There are some who will decide to divorce simply because they have grown bored of their partner, and wonder what else is out there for them. There are some Arizona spouses, however, for whom divorce is a matter of life or death.

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