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Collaborative divorce can be a vialbe alternative to litigation

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

Arizona couples who are considering going their separate ways may be researching the available options. Many couples prefer to make the important decisions that will impact on their post-divorce lives, rather than have judges make them on their behalves. Collaborative divorce may be a suitable option for couples who can still communicate and are willing to compromise if necessary.

The process of collaboration is chosen by couples who want to avoid litigation. Both parties, along with their attorneys, meet to discuss contentious issues, aiming to find resolutions with which both sides are satisfied. Couples who manage to end their relationships in peaceful and respectful manners can avoid the trauma and emotional destruction that are typically associated with litigated divorces.

Attorney Steven Centuori at Centuori & Alcoverde, P.C., is a certified mediator who was also specially trained to handle collaborative divorces. As part of this process — which is a form of mediation — our law firm assists in creating a foundation for a workable co-parenting relationship that will suit the work schedules of both parties. Furthermore, reasonable, efficient and effective resolutions may be identified for financial support, property division, child custody and visitation.

In cases in which insurmountable arguments need additional attention, our resources include professionals in various fields, such as financial and tax experts. Some people found that the guidance of our attorneys during the collaborative divorce process prepared them for resolving post-divorce issues in an amicable manner. After final agreements are reached, our attorneys will prepare and file all the paperwork required by an Arizona family court, reducing the time to finalize the divorce significantly.