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Sometimes divorce is a matter of life or death

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Once a marriage has ceased to be personally fulfilling, many people will consider whether their interests might be better served by being single. Others will move toward divorce after their spouse breaches their tolerance by cheating. There are some who will decide to divorce simply because they have grown bored of their partner, and wonder what else is out there for them. There are some Arizona spouses, however, for whom divorce is a matter of life or death.

When marital strife has reached the point where chronic stress is present, it is time to think about finding a different path. The ill effects of high levels of stress have been documented in a wide body of scientific research. Living under conditions that promote elevated stress levels can have an impact on one’s heart health, increase the risks of stroke or exacerbate anxiety disorders. All of these scenarios can have a severe impact on one’s life and can even lead to life-threatening conditions.

Depression is also linked to unhappy marriages, and can cause a number of negative outcomes. All marriages will have periods of ups and downs. However, when sadness reaches the point of clinical depression, the affected spouse may choose to consider whether seeking a divorce is the best course of action.

Wanting to see one’s vows through is an admirable approach, and it can be argued that too many couples seek divorce when they might have saved their marriage. However, in cases where one or both spouses are suffering from high levels of stress or are experiencing the symptoms of depression, it is imperative to take steps to find relief. For some in Arizona, that might mean seeking a divorce.

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