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Many Arizona residents file for divorce after vacation

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Statistics have long shown that many people choose to end their marriage in the months following the winter holiday season, in Arizona and other states. New research, however, takes a deeper look, and finds that divorce rates also peak following summer vacations. Researchers believe that when unhappy couples spend prolonged periods of time together without the distractions of work and school, the problems within the marriage become more readily apparent.

The study was presented to the American Sociological Association. Researchers reported that many spouses have high expectations about family time, and some feel that vacations are an opportunity to focus on the relationship and work out any issues. When reality doesn’t quite meet up to those expectations, some spouses are ready to pull the plug and move toward divorce.

Researchers believe that it takes a couple of months for spouses to prepare before they are comfortable filing the actual divorce paperwork. The party who initiates the divorce often wants to gather financial information, hire an attorney and begin preparing for life as a single person before initiating the legal process of divorce. It should also be noted that the spouse who files first often receives significant advantages during the divorce process.

For Arizona spouses who feel that their summer vacation did not yield the desired results, it may be time to give divorce serious consideration. This begins by meeting with a divorce attorney to discuss the overall process of divorce, as well as as the family’s specific set of circumstances. As with any significant move, preparation is key to a favorable outcome.

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