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Downsizing after divorce can yield many benefits

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

Many Arizona spouses make the mistake of focusing only on the negative aspects of the end of their marriage. In reality, a divorce has both positive and negative outcomes. While there are certainly some issues that are difficult to put a positive spin on, downsizing after a divorce should not be included in that list. There are a number of benefits to transitioning into a smaller or less-expensive living arrangement after the end of a marriage.

One of the most obvious advantages to downsizing is a decrease in the expense of maintaining a home. A smaller or less extravagant home is almost universally less expensive for a newly single person to maintain. That typically means there is more money available to invest or set aside for the future.

A more practical consideration is the simple truth that a smaller home is easier to maintain. Virtually anyone can appreciate less time spent cleaning, vacuuming or taking care of landscaping. Transitioning into a smaller property reduces housekeeping and other maintenance needs, which leaves more time to pursue more enriching tasks.

Arizona spouses should also keep in mind that many of the conditions immediately following a divorce are not necessarily indicative of how one’s life will be in the years to come. Making accommodations and compromises during this critical period of time can yield a stronger financial foundation for the future. In the long run, downsizing can be the springboard from which a person launches into the next stage of his or her life.

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