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Divorce and Social Security: New rules

Many Arizona spouses are aware that they may be able to file a Social Security claim based on the earnings record of a former spouse. In order to do so, the marriage must have lasted at least 10 years prior to divorce. Both spouses must also be a minimum of 62 years of age in order to begin claiming benefits. However, the way in which divorced spouses can claim spousal benefits has been altered.

Child custody case centered on religious beliefs

An unusual custody battle has been reversed on appeal, a move that is touted as a win for both freedom of speech and religion. The case centers on a mother and father who do not share the same religious beliefs. During a child custody dispute, the issue of parental alienation was raised in the context of religious practices. While this case did not take place in Arizona, some parents within the state may face similar issues in regard to balancing custody and religious practice.

Former prostitute wins child custody case on appeal

Many Arizona parents are unable to reach an agreement about the care and custody of their shared children. In some cases, these families will end up before a family court judge, who is tasked with determining an outcome that is in line with the best interests of the children. Unfortunately, however, there is no guarantee that those standards will always be met. An example is found in a case in which a mother lost a child custody case and had to fight the matter through appeals.

How to handle Thanksgiving-and other holidays-after divorce

The first major holiday or family celebration after a divorce can cause a lot of stress-which is probably an understatement. Everything feels different; nobody is quite sure what to do or say. It can't help being awkward, no matter how long you were married. But for your children, it's likely even more difficult and painful. None of this was their choice, and they're bombarded with images of "perfect families" wherever they turn. (So are you, no doubt.) So how do you help them get through the holiday season?

How dissipation of assets can impact an Arizona divorce

Many Arizona residents are shocked by the manner in which their soon-to-be exes behave during the end of a marriage. Divorce tends to bring out the worst in people, and nothing creates greater contention and bitterness than matters of money. For some spouses, an overwhelming desire to prevent their partner from receiving a fair distribution of marital wealth leads to questionable choices, including the intentional dissipation of assets.

Wife took alimony after divorce and remarriage

Very few people enjoy paying spousal support to a former husband or wife. This is especially true for Arizona spouses who are required to pay alimony for many years after their divorce has concluded. People often claim that their former spouse is taking advantage of alimony laws to unfairly profit from the end of a marriage. One recent case is an example of why spouses should take care to ensure that payments are in line with an existing court order.

How to address digital data during an Arizona divorce

Few Arizona readers will have been able to avoid media coverage of the FBI's recent decision to examine emails connected to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and one of her top aides. Those emails were discovered during an investigation of the aide's estranged husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner. The topic has prompted discussion about the impact that digital data can have on a divorce case.

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