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Mother loses child custody after giving child marijuana

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Uncategorized

When it comes to their children, most parents in Arizona and elsewhere want what is best, especially if the child is sick or suffering. Family courts work under the same guidelines of seeking the best interests of the child. However, sometimes what the parent feels is best for the child may clash with the law. In those cases, a parent’s child custody rights may be jeopardized.

One woman in another state is in the middle of just such a situation over her ailing child. The 3-year-old girl had been suffering seizures, hallucinations and other alarming symptoms because she had been on and off antipsychotic drugs in recent weeks. In order to give her daughter some relief, the 23-year-old mother added marijuana butter to a smoothie. The concoction eased the girl’s symptoms.

Marijuana use, even medicinally, is illegal in the state where the woman lives, so when her daughter tested positive at a subsequent doctor visit, police were called. The woman lost custody of her children and was charged with a misdemeanor. Since then she has been fighting to regain custody of her children, but in a recent adjudicatory hearing, a judge denied her request and maintained that the children would stay with their father.

It is likely that the woman will have to wait for the results of her criminal trial in February before returning to court to attempt to regain her children. Parents in Arizona who struggle with child custody issues often have unique situations and know they are up against complicated rules. To achieve the best possible results, they frequently turn to a dedicated family attorney who will use years of experience to fight for their rights.

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