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Dealing with the emotions of divorce and moving forward

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Anyone in Arizona whose marriage has ended can attest to the fact that dealing with the emotional fallout can be a challenge. For some, it might seem as though even getting through the day is too much. In order to navigate the divorce with a settlement that both parties are satisfied with, dealing with those emotions is a necessary part of the process.

An Arizona resident might feel as if he or she has no control over anything, but that is not entirely true. An individual can control his or her own reactions and emotions. Patience with oneself is essential. The support of family and friends also helps, but individuals are cautioned not to take everyone’s opinions to heart.

The divorce is about the couple, and they need to find a way to resolve their issues in a way that is best for their family — especially if children are involved. It would be beneficial to do what is necessary to stay out of court, so put aside the hurt, resentment and anger in order to sit down at the negotiation table. Collaborative divorce and mediation allow the parties to retain control of their futures. Reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement could help both parties move forward after the divorce. 

Even couples who are amicable would more than likely agree that divorce is not easy. Moving on could be a challenge, but over time, life should improve. One way to help ensure that is to negotiate a settlement that feels fair and equitable to both parties. Walking away without feeling taken advantage of could be the start of the healing process.

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