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Could legal hurdles slow the nation's divorce rate?

Ending a marriage is never an easy task. However, there are some states that make it far more difficult to transition from married to single than others. Fortunately, Arizona offers spouses the ability to end their marriage through a no-fault divorce. That means that the union can come to an end without the need for one party to prove that the other has acted in a manner that has led to the dissolution of the relationship.

Overnight visitation with fathers is important for bonding

When Arizona parents decide to divorce, their primary area of focus is usually on matters of custody. When their child or children are very young, the most common custody arrangement is for the mother to retain primary custody, with the father receiving limited visitation until the children are a little older. A recent study looked into different custody and visitation arrangements, and found that children may develop stronger bonds with their parents when they have liberal overnight visitation with their fathers from a very young age.

The first state to address pet "custody" in divorce

For some Arizona readers, their pets are truly part of their families. When a divorce is on the table, many couples simply cannot come to terms over who should keep the pets. That can cause a great deal of contention, especially since most family courts will not weigh in on the matter, or will simply approach the topic in the same vein as personal property. One state, however, has just passed legislation that directs judges to treat pets more like children when making a determination on "custody."

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