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4 benefits of utilizing mediation as a method for divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Mediation

Though many Arizona residents may feel that their marriages can no longer stand the test of time, they may feel uncertain about how to approach divorce. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you may immediately think that dissolving your marriage will require courtroom litigation, losing a substantial amount of your assets or having to deal with a variety of other unseemly situations. However, divorce does not always have to turn into a stress-filled drama.

Alternative divorce resolution methods exist that could help you and your spouse come to terms more amicably. Mediation comes in as the most commonly heard of option, and it can offer a number of benefits for individuals willing to consider this approach.


With mediation, you have more control over the proceedings than if you went through litigation. This alternative process allows you and your spouse to work with a trained mediator to come to terms on the topics that you feel need addressing. This means that important aspects of your life remain in your hands when it comes to decision making rather than in the hands of the court.

Personal attention

Because judges often have a great deal on their plates, they may not feel the need to give each case undivided attention. However, because mediation utilizes a mediator, you gain more personal attention as this third-party remains focused on the task at hand and ensures that the discussion continues in a positive and amicable fashion so that you and your spouse both have a say.


Mediation can also take less time than more traditional courtroom proceedings. You and your spouse can set the timeframe and speed at which you feel comfortable moving forward. As a result, you can choose when to have meetings to discuss issues rather than having to wait until an assigned court date.

Child benefits

If you have children, this method may also prove beneficial for them. You and the other parent can discuss custody terms and come to agreements that you both feel suit the circumstances and your children’s best interests. When such discussions take place calmly, the children may feel less tension at home and more comfortable with the custody arrangements.

If you feel interested in pursuing mediation as a way to work through the divorce process, you may find gaining additional information useful. Utilizing local legal resources could help you with such an endeavor.