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Addressing common concerns about custody and visitation

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The end of your marriage will bring many significant changes to your life, as well as the life of your child. Arizona parents have understandable concerns regarding the well-being of their children during this process, seeking a final order that is beneficial and sustainable long into the future.

Addressing child custody can be a complex issue for some families. Concerns over your child’s safety and welfare may affect your custody and visitation order, yet as the parent, you always have the right to protect your kids. Before you agree to an arrangement or make any important decisions that could affect your family for years to come, it can be helpful learn more about the factors that could affect visitation schedules.

What should you know about visitation rights?

In many cases, biological parents have the right to regular visitation with their kids. This means that even noncustodial parents can still maintain good relationships with their kids. However, some situations are complex, and you may find that you need answers to come of these common questions:

  • What is fixed visitation? Fixed visitation is when the judge orders visitation to happen at specific times. It can also include instructions for where visitation can take place.
  • What is reasonable visitation? Sometimes, a judge can order reasonable visitation, which will require the two parents to cooperate on making a schedule that works.
  • What about grandparents? Grandparents often want to maintain a strong relationship with their grandkids, and sometimes, a judge will order that the kids have some contact with these extended family members.
  • What happens if the other parent does not comply? If the other parent does not comply with the terms of the custody or visitation arrangement, you have the right to seek a court-ordered enforcement of the order.

These are just some of the custody questions you may have. Regardless of the details of your situation, you are entitled to a complete explanation of your legal options and parental rights. 

The best interests of your kids

The ultimate intent of any custody or visitation arrangement is to protect the best interests of the children. If you believe that your kids’ interests are at stake or you have concerns about their well-being, you would be wise to seek support and guidance.

There is a lot on the line, but you have the right to fight for an outcome that allows your family to have stability and security long into the future.