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When are grandparents granted custody or visitation rights?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Grandparents' Rights

Arizona grandparents may have serious concerns over what will happen to their relationship with their children in the event that the marriage ends or there are disputes over extended family visitation. Grandparents have an important role in the life of their grandkids, and it is a relationship worth protecting.

There are cases in which it is possible for a grandparent to seek and receive visitation rights. In rarer cases, it might be possible for a grandparent to receive custody rights of their grandkids. If you want to know how to maintain access to your grandkids and keep a strong relationship with them, it is helpful to seek a full understanding of your legal rights.

How do I know if I can get visitation rights? 

Children benefit when they can have a strong relationship with their grandparents. There are both developmental and emotional benefits to having strong extended familial relationships, but a divorce or other types of dispute can stand between you and your grandkids.

The main factor in any decision made by a court regarding custody or visitation rights is the best interests of the kids. If you are going to court to fight for access to your grandkids, there must be evidence that this would be beneficial for the children. When considering this type of visitation request, the court may look at several things, including the following: 

  • The emotional and physical safety of the child
  • The strength of the existing relationship between grandparent and grandchild
  • The wishes of the child and the wishes of the parent
  • Distance between the grandparents and the grandchild

There are other things the court may consider, but the ultimate goal remains the protection of the kids and an arrangement that allows them to thrive. Custody and visitation cases can be complex, but grandparents may find it helpful to seek guidance as they pursue their goal.

Your future relationship with your grandkids 

If you want to fight to protect this important relationship, you do not have to fight alone. As with all types of complex family law issues, experienced guidance can be important for your success. 

Whether you believe you should seek custody or you simply want regular visitation with your grandkids, you deserve a complete explanation of your legal options. You can get this by seeking a complete evaluation of your case. This will help you understand your options and the most beneficial course of action for you and your family.