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Keep summertime stress low after divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Parenting Plan

Now that your divorce is final, you likely feel ready to move on in life, get a fresh start and begin building new, happy memories with your kids. You’ve talked with them about how life changes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean change always makes things worse. Each of your kids may have reacted to your divorce differently. You understand there may be challenges along the way, but you’re determined to have a good summer and future together.  

Keeping your stress levels as low as possible regarding your co-parenting situation with your ex may be a major factor toward having a fun summer. If this is your first summer as a single parent, it might take some doing to develop a routine that works for all involved. The good thing is that there are plenty of support resources available in Arizona to help you and your kids overcome any obstacles that arise.  

Quality time and quantity time are both important 

The court is typically of the opinion that children fare best in divorce if they have ample time with both parents, barring any issue or situation that would make that an impediment to their well-being in some way. For smooth sailing this summer, you might want to implement some of the following ideas: 

  • Keep communication lines open between your kids and their other parent, and also be willing to touch base with your former spouse to keep each other updated on summer happenings with the kids. 
  • The nullification of existing court orders does not happen during summer vacation. If you’re planning a trip that affects the other parent’s visitation or custody situation, you must seek his or her agreement and the court’s approval.
  • Your children may experience a wide range of emotions as they navigate their first summer since your divorce. By trying to maintain a sense of normalcy and routine, you give them excellent tools to cope. When you work together on chores, lawn care and other household projects, it shows them that life goes on, even though major changes sometimes occur.  

Most people enjoy summertime surprises, and your kids are likely no exception to the rule. A spontaneous trip to their favorite pizza shop, a nearby lake, or to the beach if you have the financial resources to do so, helps create new and lasting memories as they come to terms with your divorce.  

If plans go awry

There are definitely things that can thwart your summertime plans, such as a former spouse not making court-ordered child support payments, or not showing up at the scheduled place and time to transfer your children to you as per your co-parenting agreement. By taking immediate steps to rectify such problems, you can minimize post-divorce stress and maximize summertime fun with your children.