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Is your art collection a concern during your divorce?

You may have always had a keen eye for art, and over the years, you have been fortunate enough to acquire an impressive art collection. You may enjoy looking at the pieces you have collected, and museums or galleries may have even approached you about loaning out certain pieces so they could display them. Your collection may be a point of pride for you.

If you believe sole custody is best for your children, read this

You undoubtedly never expected that after more than 10 years of marriage, you'd be getting divorced. Many Arizona spouses have can relate to your situation; in fact, some have been completely blindsided by divorce. Regardless of the details that have caused the breakdown in your marriage, it is understandable that your highest priority now is to make sure proceedings focus on the best interests of your children.

Do stay-at-home moms qualify for spousal support?

Ending an unhappy or even dysfunctional marriage is often the right choice. Unfortunately, some people feel like they do not have this option. You might be one of the many mothers in Arizona who do not file for divorce because you are worried about money. While your concerns are valid, you have options such as spousal support that can help.

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