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Do stay-at-home moms qualify for spousal support?

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Ending an unhappy or even dysfunctional marriage is often the right choice. Unfortunately, some people feel like they do not have this option. You might be one of the many mothers in Arizona who do not file for divorce because you are worried about money. While your concerns are valid, you have options such as spousal support that can help.

There is no denying that divorce will have a financial impact on most people — both men and women. This financial impact seems to affect women more for a variety of reasons. That does not mean that women regret their decisions, though. A study determined that 73% of women were much happier after divorce despite being in different financial situations.

Raising children is expensive

The 2019 Employee Financial Wellness Survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that only 52% of men are stressed about money compared with 65% of women. A different survey from the American Psychological Association found that it is an even bigger problem for parents, of whom 77% say they are somewhat or very stressed over money. The takeaway — raising kids is not cheap.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it can cost the average middle class family as much as $233,610 just to raise one child. Two-income households also have to consider the cost of childcare. Parents in this situation often feel as if they have no other choice but to have one parent stay home. In most cases, it ends up being the mom.

Stay-at-home moms face unique challenges

Depending on your family’s financial situation, leaving the workforce to stay at home with your kids might have been your only option. Saving on childcare costs might have both saved money but also helped improve your family’s financial situation. However, it also left you financially dependent on your husband. And now that you are ready to divorce that is a problem.

Re-entering the workforce can be very difficult. The industry you used to work in might have changed significantly, or you may have to accept a job that offers a much lower salary than your old one. After building a thriving career in the past, starting at the bottom is both disheartening and financially unstable.

How can I protect my financial security?

You know that it will take some time to rebuild your career, and you are willing to dedicate yourself to that process. Still, you need to support both yourself and your children in the meantime. The time in between getting a divorce and securing a well-paying job could be what is holding you back from pursuing divorce.

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for post-divorce payments like spousal support and child support. Spousal support — also called alimony — is temporary, but it generally lasts long enough to help former stay-at-home moms find secure financial footing. If you would like to learn more about spousal support and how to get it, you should speak to an attorney who is familiar with Arizona family law.