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Your options for the family business in a divorce

When you started your business, you and your spouse figured you would keep it going for years to come. When the two of you were ready to retire, you could pass it on to one or more of your children. Maybe they will even keep it going until they are ready to pass it on to your grandchildren.

Could your living arrangements affect child custody?

You may have contemplated not filing for divorce because you did not want to disrupt your children's lives. As a parent, you think of their needs first, and you do not want to do anything that will bring them any type of pain or upset. Of course, if you and their other parent no longer get along, it may be best for everyone for you to go your separate ways.

Can you make parallel parenting work for your Arizona family?

Divorce is often hardest for the youngest members of the family. Children can go through a difficult time when their parents separate or divorce, and you may be looking for ways that you can reduce the negative impact that this process will have. One of the ways you may look to do this is choosing a parenting arrangement that allows your children to have regular access to both parents.

Do grandparents ever have the right to custody or visitation?

When parents go through a divorce, it is not just the parents and the children who experience changes because of this decision. The impacts of this decision can reverberate throughout an entire extended family, also affecting the relationship a kid has with his or her grandparents. This may leave some grandparents wondering if they have grounds to pursue custody or visitation. 

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