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Before remarrying your ex, think about the future

Divorce is not an easy process, and yours may have been emotional and painful, especially if you still had feelings for your spouse when the court finalized your split. Whether you always hoped you would get back together or were surprised by the sudden reunion, remarriage is in your future. With your history, however, it may be smart to look realistically at your situation. Remarriages do not have good track records, and you already know what you are getting into.

Your business may be at risk if you divorce

Starting a business is exciting and a little scary. As confident as you may be about your service or product, you can never predict how successful your business will be. In this way, starting a business is similar to getting married. As committed as you may be to your spouse in the beginning, you never know how things will end up.

Avoiding divorce mistakes could help your case

Going through a divorce can affect any married couple. In your case, you may have seen the signs of the impending end of your marriage for some time, or you may have been caught by surprise when your spouse announced that he or she wanted a divorce. Whatever the case, you certainly want to make sure you handle the situation well.

Is your law enforcement pension at risk during divorce?

As you moved forward with your career as a law enforcement officer, you may have garnered promotions and accolades for your fine work. You may have shared in the joy of these moments with your spouse and valued the support he or she offered. However, the stress of the job or other marital issues may have resulted in your once-happy marriage taking a turn toward divorce.

Divorce diagnosis: Doctors can face financial setbacks

Being a doctor may have always been your dream job. From a young age, you may have kept yourself on the educational path to reach your career goal. Along the way, you also got married and maybe had some kids. All in all, you felt your life was heading in the right direction. Then, one day, your plans changed when your spouse announced that he or she wanted a divorce.

Your prenuptial agreement can protect assets but must be fair

You may be someone who has always been financially conscious. As a result, you may have made a number of wise money-related moves throughout your life, chosen a lucrative career and done your best to protect your assets where possible. Of course, you likely did not want money to act as the sole focus of your life, and as a result, you pursued love just like numerous other Arizona residents.

Telltale signs that your spouse might be involved in an affair

Have you ever had a sinking feeling about something but were unsure if you could confirm your suspicions? No one wants to go around accusing people of things when they have no evidence that such allegations are true. On the other hand, especially in a marriage, it's understandable that you want to act before things get out of hand.

What to do if you can't come to an agreement on property division

You gathered information regarding all of your assets, verified as best you could that your future ex-spouse wasn't hiding assets and you made some preliminary decisions regarding how you would like to divide the marital estate. You even agreed to negotiate a settlement outside of the courtroom.

How do caucuses play a role in divorce mediation?

Ending your marriage is for the best. Both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse feel this way about the situation. As a result, you both also want to avoid the courtroom if possible and are interested in possibly moving forward with mediation as you learned about this method's pros and cons.

Considering mediation for divorce? Benefits versus downsides

Arizona is home to many married couples who will divorce this year or at some time in the future. In fact, divorce has become so common in the United States that you would likely consider it far rarer to not know someone who has been through divorce than to know two, three or more people who have. Your personal priorities regarding your upcoming divorce may or may not be similar to someone else you know who has navigated the process. 

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