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Family law and estate planning go hand in hand

The months leading up to a wedding can be a hectic time. The list of to-do items seems to grow longer each day, and Arizona couples are often balancing the responsibilities of their "normal" lives with wedding planning, financial planning and juggling the expectations of both extended families. For those who have children from a previous union and are walking down the aisle for the second time, an additional set of family law needs is placed upon this already heavy load.

Taking the financial reins after an Arizona divorce

For many Arizona spouses, the end of a marriage may be the first time that an individual has taken control over their own finances. Women in particular suffer from a lack of financial savvy, as many wives allow their husbands to assume control over the family's finances. Once divorce is on the table, spouses who have not played an active role in their own financial health must take steps to learn financial management skills.

Take the same divorce approach as celebrity couples

As many in Arizona know, the summer of 2015 seems to have been a particularly rough time for many celebrity couples. It seems as though every week brings a new divorce announcement for a high-profile couple in the world of movies, television and music. While most celebrity divorce cases have very little in common with the divorce experience of the "average" couple, there are a number of lessons to be learned from the manner in which celebrities approach divorce.

Starting a new job during an Arizona divorce

Divorce can be a hectic time in the life of an Arizona resident. There are a multitude of decisions that must be made within a short period of time, and those choices are often weighed in the midst of emotional turmoil and uncertainty about the future. For spouses who receive a job offer during divorce, the decision to take the job or pass on the offer can become complicated.

After divorce, couple struggles over frozen embryos

A case that is currently underway in one West Coast state will likely set legal precedent in how the courts address certain issues related to reproductive technology. The rights of two parties who both contributed genetic material that leads to the creation of an embryo are at the center of the matter. When a pregnancy and the birth of a child results, the process is deemed successful. When the parties divorce before an embryo is implanted, the issue becomes far more complicated, in Arizona and across the nation.

Conflict resolution choices could predict divorce

Married couples will go through periods of contention within their marriage. When two lives are joined, there will be issues that require debate. That said, the manner in which an Arizona couple chooses to resolve these everyday conflicts can be a strong predictor of whether the union will end in divorce. One psychologist has identified two specific patterns of behavior that he believes most often lead to divorce.

Making wise decisions during an Arizona divorce

For many spouses, the divorce process is unfamiliar territory. It can be difficult to know which decisions are best during what can be a tumultuous time. That said, the financial decisions made during the divorce process can have lasting ramifications, so spouses should make every effort to structure a smart property division strategy. For those in Arizona who expect to receive child support or alimony as part of their divorce settlement, there are a number of considerations involved.

The use of qualified domestic relations orders in a divorce

Qualified domestic relations orders play an important role in many Arizona divorces, but most divorcing couples have little idea what they are, at least until they are deep into the case. Generally speaking, a QDRO is a type of domestic relations order that deals with retirement plan benefits.

Grandparents' visitation rights

Grandparents who have visitation with a grandchild may face situations where a parent is trying to limit access. In most cases, the first step will likely be to go to mediation to see if some agreement can be reached prior to taking the case to court. A mediator is a third party who goes between both parties to try to work out terms that are agreeable to everyone. In most family law cases, one mediator is used, but parties can also choose to each hire their own mediator and have a third neutral mediator help work out the issues.

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