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Assessing the details in a high-asset divorce is wise

Going through divorce can have its challenges for any couple. However, some couples have financial details that could make their cases even more complicated. When there is a substantial amount of wealth and complex assets involved in the property division proceedings, it is not uncommon for divorces to see conflict.

Working to find hidden assets during a divorce

When you got married, you likely trusted your spouse to a fault. You may never have expected that he or she would lie to you or hide information from you, but over the years, you may have become more suspicious of his or her behavior. Unfortunately, the lies may have even led to your decision to end the marriage.

Does your high asset divorce have you feeling alone?

Because you have a considerable amount of wealth, you may have felt judged by other people who immediately thought you must have all the happiness you could want due to your financial fortune. Of course, you know differently, especially after enduring what became an unhappy marriage and a now pending divorce.

Avoid making mistakes during property division

Divorce has enough stress and anxiety without adding to it your worries that you will struggle financially after you split with your spouse. While it is true that many divorced individuals in Arizona and across the country spend months or years trying to get back on their feet after a divorce, it does not always have to be that way.

Don't let hidden assets ruin your property division

Divorce can be a difficult process, and you might feel overwhelmed by everything on your plate. If you have children, you have to figure out your child custody and support situation. You might need alimony, or a judge could order you to pay alimony to your ex. In the midst of all of this, you might notice a few red flags popping up during property division.

Financial abuse complicates the decision to divorce

Perhaps your spouse has provided well for you during your marriage. You live in a nice home, take extravagant vacations and have every necessity. However, if you are considering divorce, you may feel frustrated and even frightened about how you would manage since you have no access to cash.

3 factors to understand during your high asset divorce

When you got married, you likely envisioned a life in which you and your spouse would go through many experiences together. As you both worked and accumulated a considerable amount of assets, you may have begun to feel even more as if the world was at your feet as a couple. Unfortunately, your relationship did not stay as strong as you had hoped in the beginning.

Does divorce have you worried about your retirement security?

You may be someone who enjoys working hard but who is also looking forward to the day when you can retire. You likely have trips you want to take, sights you want to see and a number of other activities to which you look forward. Of course, you also know that having the retirement funds to cover these activities is vital.

Painless asset division during divorce

In Arizona and family courts around the world, it is becoming increasingly evident that decisions made during the divorce process are more likely to succeed when couples work through the process together. Negotiations and agreements settled outside a courtroom often have more relevance to the couple's unique situation, and spouses are more likely to abide by them if they had a hand in preparing them.

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