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A Tucson Parenting Time Attorney

At Centuori & Associates, PC, we have seen how disputes over parenting time can hurt both parents and children. At our firm, we help parents across Southern Arizona avoid the emotional toll of a parenting time dispute. Our Tucson lawyers are compassionate advocates who will take a firm stand for your parental rights. You can call us at 520-314-6526 to schedule your consultation with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

What Is Parenting Time?

While related to child custody, parenting time is the time that the noncustodial parent, the parent with whom the child does not live with, has the opportunity to see their child. Parents may be able to work out parenting time agreement outside of the courtroom, or they can receive an order from a family court judge. Parents who have their parenting time denied, or are unable to uphold their parenting time, may be able to get a modification.

In some limited cases, grandparents and other relatives may be able to get visitation rights. We can review the details of your case and determine if you can get visitation as a nonparent.

Compassionate And Effective Parenting Time Attorneys

Our family law attorneys work closely with parents to negotiate parenting time agreements and protect their interests. Our founding attorney, Steve Centuori, is a certified mediator who helps parents create agreements without the investment and stress of a court case. If mediation is not possible, we will fight to get you the best possible outcome in the courtroom.

No matter how complex your case is, we are here to help you. Our lawyers can guide you through the process of establishing paternity so that you can get time with your children. We also proudly represent members of the LGBT community and understand the complexities involved in same-sex parent visitation cases.

Get Answers To Your Visitation Questions.

In your initial consultation, we can answer your questions and begin reviewing your case. Call us now at 520-314-6526 to set up your first meeting with a lawyer. You can also send us an email with your contact information.

From the Beatles to Guns N' Roses, band breakups are a part of life. After these bands separate, the individual members can spend years fighting over their musical creations. Unfortunately, the same bitter fights can occur over the time that children get to spend with their parents after a separation.