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Tucson Family Law Attorneys

Most people who are faced with a family law issue want to resolve the problem with the least amount of conflict, aggravation, litigation and stress possible. At the law firm of Centuori & Associates, PC, our lawyers know how to help you achieve your legal goals while minimizing as much emotional conflict as possible.

Our Tucson attorneys have successfully represented many clients in family law cases throughout Arizona. We take pride in taking the time to review your situation and discuss your options, including potential advantages and pitfalls. We will give you the information you need to make an informed legal decision about your family law matter.

Dedicated Representation For All Family Legal Matters

Our attorneys and staff are trained to handle a wide range of family law issues effectively and efficiently, including:

Divorce: Relationships end for people from all walks of life. We understand that this is a painful process for most individuals, which is why we provide understanding yet strong representation and guidance for our divorce clients.

Collaborative family law dispute resolution: This is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation, which may create conflict and court intervention. In a collaborative divorce, you and your attorney meet with your ex-spouse and his or her attorney to help you reach agreements that both parties can live with.

Mediation: Another extremely efficient and effective alternative to traditional court-based divorce or resolution of any family law issue. Mediation enables you and your ex-partner to work with each other to creatively resolve your family law problems. Mediation is as effective in post-decree or post-judgment issues as well as new matters. Often, both parties can completely resolve the matter with the help of a neutral, third-party mediator. Steve Centuori is a certified mediator who has successfully mediated many cases, reducing the need for additional legal costs.

Military, railroad workers, EMTs and firefighters, miners and medical personnel: Members of the armed forces and those who have nontraditional working hours such as railroad workers, firefighters, EMTs, mine employees, nurses, hospital workers and police officers face unique issues. These challenges can include unusual work schedules, nontraditional pensions and quasi-Social Security arrangements that often make divorce, support, property division and parenting time complex. Our office has experience with these types of cases and can help tackle even the most complex, unconventional cases.

Child custody and parenting time: Every couple faces different challenges and needs when it comes to determining matters of child custody and parenting time. We will work closely with you to help reach a resolution that is tailored to fit your particular situation while also serving the best interests of your children.

Child support payments: Because child support orders can last for years, it is important that parents get the best possible initial order. Our lawyers will help you understand your expected payments and work to show your need for an order modification.

Spousal support: Spousal support, also called alimony, can help divorced individuals get back on their feet financially. There are many reasons why support of a spouse may or may not be warranted. Whether you are seeking payments or are being asked to pay, we can help you protect your interests.

Property division: In Arizona, any marital assets or debts will be divided equitably. This does not necessarily mean that property will be split 50/50. We will work hard to help you reach a fair and reasonable agreement.

Paternity: Whether you wish to establish paternity for support purposes or to establish your parental rights, including legal decision-making and parenting time, our office will provide you with skilled legal representation on all issues related to paternity actions.

Grandparents’ and third-party rights: There are any number of situations where it may be necessary to grant visitation rights or even physical custody of a child to a grandparent or nonparent third party. We can help you explore your options and see if the law in Arizona may assist you in creating defined grandparent or third-party rights.

Relocation: The only sure thing in life is that it is subject to change. If you are faced with a situation where you need to relocate, or if your former spouse or your child’s other parent has notified you that they intend to move and take your children with them, it is imperative that you hire competent attorneys to assist you with the complex and emotional legalities that are part of this process.

Prenuptial agreements: A prenuptial agreement allows both parties in a marriage to protect their property rights in case of a divorce. Creating these agreements does not have to be a negative process and our lawyers will work to find a solution that protects the rights of both spouses.

Stepparent adoptions: Stepparents can face many challenges when attempting to adopt their stepchildren. Our attorneys can guide you through the complex process and resolve any legal problems that arise in your case.

Same-sex couple issues: As legal restrictions have become more in line with the times, same-sex issues have become commonplace in family law. Centuori & Associates, PC, is proudly LGBT friendly. Our attorneys have a history of engaging in same-sex and LGBT issues, including dissolution of marriages, and is actively on the forefront of future changes of law affecting LGBT rights.

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