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Tucson Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Collaborative law is a new field of practice that starts with an agreement not to litigate. The parties and their attorneys meet and work together to create a resolution that both parties can live with. This method often maintains the relationship between the parties, and gives them tools to help in problem solving should other issues arise (usually related to custody and parenting). When people create their own agreements, moving on to new opportunities becomes easier from both parties’ perspective. Collaboration allows the parties to peacefully and respectfully end the relationship without the added and destructive emotions often associated with litigation.

Our Approach

At Centuori & Associates, PC, our lawyers are dedicated to helping you identify effective, efficient and reasonable resolutions to family law issues such as property division, financial support, child custody and parenting time. Using the collaborative divorce process, we also assist in laying the groundwork for an effective and productive long-term co-parent relationship. Attorney Steven Centuori is a certified mediator with additional training in the collaborative divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce can provide you the freedom to focus on new opportunities by effectively and efficiently dissolving your marriage. A form of uncontested divorce, this process allows the participants to negotiate agreements through processes similar to mediation. If necessary, other professionals, such as financial experts or therapists will become involved in the collaborative process to “coach” the parties through impasses, as issues are addressed and final decisions are made. All necessary paperwork is filed at the same time, which significantly reduces the amount of time necessary to finalize the divorce.

Experienced Uncontested Divorce Attorney

From our office in Tucson, Arizona, Centuori & Associates, PC represents clients throughout the Tucson area. Contact us toll free at 800-315-0028 to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Tucson collaborative divorce attorney.