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Tucson Family Law Mediation

Our Approach

At Centuori & Associates, PC, our lawyers represent family law issues exclusively and attorney Steven Centuori is a certified mediator. Our firm is committed to working with you to find the most effective and efficient resolution to your legal concerns.

Establishing Relationships

Mediation can be a powerful tool, particularly when both parties are actively working toward finding a resolution. Education is an important part of the process. We will help you find a way to interact with the opposing party over the long term, by providing the parties with time-tested communication techniques that assist establishment and maintenance of a productive relationship long after the marriage has ended.

Child custody mediation is an excellent example of the many scenarios where long-term working relationships are an important part of the process. After child custody and visitation orders have been established, it will be necessary to communicate with the co-parent from time to time. Establishing some form of working relationship and a method of communication that works for both parties can significantly reduce the number of legal disputes and other issues you may face in the future.

Addressing the Details

Often, mediation is also a faster and less expensive way to reach agreements that work for both sides. When issues concerning visitation, custody or property division are brought before a judge, there is little opportunity to negotiate an agreement that takes into account a complicated work schedule or the needs of a child who is exceptionally active in after-school activities. Mediated custody and parenting time agreements will address your specific needs.

Experienced Sahuarita Divorce Mediation

From our office in Tucson, Arizona, Centuori & Associates, PC represents clients throughout the Tucson area. Contact us toll free at 800-315-0028 to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Tucson family law mediation attorney.

The first step in creating orchestra music is establishing some sort of communication between the musicians and the conductor. The second step is to set objectives, such as the specific music to be performed. Finally, the orchestra is ready to practice and perform. Mediation is a tool that lawyers use to help people achieve the legal version of those first two steps — establishing communication and reaching agreements about mutual objectives.