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Tucson Property Division Lawyer

Proven Legal Help For Property Division

Centuori & Associates, PC, focuses on family law exclusively, and we have successfully represented the interests of clients throughout Tucson. Our lawyers are committed to identifying effective legal solutions to asset division and divorce disputes. We will fully evaluate all potential marital property and work to get you a fair division of assets.

Begin With The Property

Often the most efficient way to work through all the details of a divorce is to begin by addressing the issues related to the property and finances. Arizona is a community property state, which means the courts will expect an equitable division of assets. While equitable does not necessarily mean equal, the assumption by the courts is that the final agreement will be both fair and reasonable.

Dividing assets involves working out all aspects of both large and small ticket items such as: a house, cars, retirement funds, family-owned businesses, family heirlooms, savings, investments, artwork, photo albums, computers, appliances and everything else. Debt also must be equally divided and often plays a significant role in the decisions made about high-value items, like a house or car.

The Next Step

After agreements have been made concerning the property, the next step is to address issues surrounding child custody and visitation. For many people, these are the most difficult and painful aspects of the divorce process. Our lawyers have found that clearing away the asset division issues can simplify custody and visitation negotiations.

Experienced Community Property Division Attorney

From our office in Tucson, Arizona, Centuori & Associates, PC, represents clients throughout the Tucson area. You can contact us by email or call us at 520-314-6526 to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Tucson property division attorney.

Every rock band ends a show in the same way — by tearing down the equipment. The "stuff," like furniture, kitchenware, vehicles and assets acquired during a marriage must be split apart, and allocated to the appropriate spouse as well. This process of dividing the property can be more complicated than most people realize.