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Tucson Relocation Lawyer

Our Approach

At Centuori & Associates, PC, we understand that all families will go through changes and, sometimes, a long-distance move is involved. Whether you need to relocate due to employment, education, moving closer to family, marriage or an upcoming military deployment, or whether your ex-spouse has provided you notice that he or she is moving with the children, the legal complications remain the same. Our lawyers have successfully represented numerous child relocation clients. We are committed to identifying an effective and efficient resolution to your legal concerns.

100 Miles

Generally speaking, in Arizona, when child custody and visitation orders are put into effect, they come with the stipulation that neither parent will move the children more than 100 miles without permission from the co-parent or a court order. This is because a long distance move will directly affect the other parent’s ability to have regular visitation times and little everyday moments.

Many people mistakenly believe that modifying the court orders to allow for a long-distance move is an easy process. In reality, it can be extremely complicated and very contentious. There are a lot of legal requirements concerning how, when and why a relocation can occur. Our lawyers will take the time to examine the details of your situation, provide an honest evaluation of your options, and address the legal details.

Experienced Sahuarita Child Move Away Attorney

From our office in Tucson, Arizona, Centuori & Associates, PC represents clients throughout the Tucson area. Contact us toll free at 800-315-0028 to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Tucson relocation attorney.

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