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Tucson Stepparent Adoption Page

Experienced Attorneys For Stepparent Adoptions

At Centuori & Associates, PC, we help stepparents adopt their children so that they can gain all the rights and responsibilities of parenthood. Our Tucson law firm guides stepparents across Southern Arizona through the process and helps them avoid potential problems.

We know that adopting your stepchild is an emotional process, and our compassionate lawyers will be there to assist you. To schedule your consultation at our office, call us now at 520-314-6526.

How Stepparent Adoptions Can Differ From Other Adoptions

While stepparent adoptions can be similar to other adoptions, there can be roadblocks that can cause problems. The other birth parent of the child must terminate his or her parental rights or consent to the adoption before a stepparent can adopt. If the other parent does not give up his or her parental responsibilities, this can present problems for the adopting parent.

Stepparent adoptions may also be subject to home visits, adoption hearings and long waits. This is not always the case and some adoptions can avoid these requirements.

Our attorneys will work to make your stepparent adoption go as smoothly as possible. We know how to overcome adoption hurdles and can cut down on delays. We also understand the unique problems that LGBT community can face when adopting, and our lawyers are proud to help them exercise their rights.

Do Not Wait To Start Working On Your Adoption

Because of the potentially long wait involved when adopting a child, stepparents should start the process as soon as possible. You can talk to a skilled lawyer at our firm in an initial consultation by calling 520-314-6526. We also respond to messages by email.

When Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker came together to form the band Cream, our modern conception of a musical "supergroup" was formed. Supergroups are created when gifted solo musicians or members of different bands come together to form a talented band. These supergroup projects have given us arguably some of the greatest musical performances of all time.

In many ways, remarrying with stepchildren can be like forming a supergroup. When two families come together, they are creating a stronger family with children. Oftentimes, the last step these parents face in creating their new supergroup is a stepparent adoption.