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What challenges do law enforcement and military members face in their family life?

We rely on police, firefighters, first responders and our military to protect us during accidents and emergencies. They perform some of the most difficult jobs in the world. But we don't always recognize the mental, physical and emotional toll these jobs take on the people who do them and their families.

Halle Berry could face yet another high-tension custody battle

Celebrity parents face unique challenges with a split or divorce, especially when it comes to dealing with the press. While parents with significant coverage in the media face the possibility of having much their personal matters aired on the news, it is important to remember that they still are subject to the law.

Grandparents' visitation rights

Grandparents who have visitation with a grandchild may face situations where a parent is trying to limit access. In most cases, the first step will likely be to go to mediation to see if some agreement can be reached prior to taking the case to court. A mediator is a third party who goes between both parties to try to work out terms that are agreeable to everyone. In most family law cases, one mediator is used, but parties can also choose to each hire their own mediator and have a third neutral mediator help work out the issues.

Dealing with divorce with a collaborative approach

Although collaborative law is a somewhat new area of practice in Arizona, it offers divorcing parties the opportunity to work through the issues and reach an agreement without litigation. Both the parties and their lawyers work together in an effort to find a resolution that is acceptable. A collaborative approach may allow the process to be completed efficiently without a third-party making decisions in which neither party has a say.

Grandparents find themselves raising their grandchildren

Arizona residents who raise their grandchildren are not alone. U.S. census figures from 2010 show that 4.9 million children are raised by their grandparents. Agencies and communities have come up with ways to help older citizens who are taking care of minors when circumstances no longer allow children to live with their parents.

Arizona's child welfare reform must happen slowly and carefully

Many Arizona residents are affected in some way by state agencies' intervention into matters of child welfare. For example, many times in family law proceedings such as divorce, child custody or child support, testimony of staff from the formerly named Child Protective Services has played a role in the court's decision-making.

New study points to rise in divorce over January-March period

There are myriad reasons why a couple may decide to get divorced. Maybe they mutually feel that their relationship is no longer fulfilling; maybe they have emotional or personal issues that simply make their marriage untenable; maybe property or financial issues reach a boiling point, and the couple decides it's time to split. However, for as many internal factors there can be that causes a divorce, external factors can play a role as well. The economy, legal issues, criminal activity: all of these things could cause marital strife and, ultimately, divorce.

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