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Recently a father came to Centuori & Associates with concerns tha the mother of his thirteen-year-old child would be relocating to a different state, and on very short notice. Both the father and mother had shared parenting time equally for many years. Upon notification, Steve Centuori took the matter to an emergency hearing. It was ruled that the mother was permitted to move by herself, and custody would transfer to the father. The father was granted full custody when the mother decided to move. At a later time, the mother returned to Arizona and requested that the child live with her.  The court denied this request.

Steve was retained by a physician to represent him on his divorce. The parties had two children. As is often the case with matters involving doctors or other professionals, the finances of both parties was highly complicated. The parties had multiple cash holdings as well as real property and business assets that needed to be divided. More importantly to the client, an important component of cases involving physicians usually includes spousal maintenance (alimony). With proper offsets and division of property, the physician in this matter was ordered to pay maintenance in the amount of $1.650.00 per month for five years (a very low alimony amount given the specific facts of the case). In addition, the parents shared the children equally as to parenting time.

A woman came to Steve with serious financial concerns. She had been a stay-at-home mother for nineteen years with little workforce experience or the education and skills necessary to seek employment. Her husband made a good salary, about $100,000.00 per year. The outcome of trial: Wife received an award of $3,800.00 per month in maintenance for a period of seven years, with the award slightly reducing during that period. The court ordered that the purpose of the scaled maintenance order was to provide time for the wife to attend school, receive an education and create a solid income stream over time.

At the beginning of the matter, the father lived in Tucson and the mother resided in Phoenix. Paternity was not established. Father came to Steve for help and to set up a stable parenting time plan. Mother was blocking father’s access to the child, who at the time was about 2 years old. Steve Centuori made a plan of attack that included different phases:

  • The first phase was to simply establish paternity and set regular and enforceable parenting time through the court. Done – father immediately was able to see the child alternating weekends.
  • Next, to expand parenting time. Done. By 3 years of age, the child was with father at least 30-40 percent of the time.
  • Finally, as the child approached school age, the plan was to have the child move primarily with father and to enter school in the Tucson area. Done, the current orders are that the parents share the children on a week on/week off basis until the summer prior to the child entering kindergarten. At that time, the child will reside with father in Tucson and enter school there as well.

The success stories above are a small sampling of the success of our law firm. We’re regularly faced with unique challenges and difficult scenarios in family law. Our track record of success and determination to win for our clients gives us pride.  We know we’ll treat your case just the same.